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Essex Cattery - Cat Heaven

Cat Heaven, a website for boarding cattery in Essex, was built as a demonstration website for a client. Cat Heaven - - is a very effective and attractive HTML website. Our clients asked us for a simple, clean and website that they wouldn't need to spend time managing. HTML was the perfect solution because the website didn't need to do anything special and the owners said they were unlikely to want to add extra pages regularly. The only thing they wanted to be able to do was to make small changes, maybe once a year, when they might want to alter their prices. Having originally had a CMS-based website, they also wanted something that didn't need regular maintenance.

The final design was perfect for our clients' needs, and they were delighted with the results. The site, hosted on, is easy to use, very quick to load and compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers, and looks great! The owners already had their own domain name, and as we no longer need it, the domain name is currently available for sale.

Cat Heaven
Cattery in Essex
If you have a boarding cattery, or kennels, and you want to show people what you have to offer, give them a reason and a way to get in touch with you, this is a superb example of an efficient responsive website that does exactly that!

Want a website like this?

The Cat Heaven / Essex Cattery website is a responsive HTML website, and so is very quick, rarely needs maintenance and is usually the first result in Google searches for things like 'cattery in essex' or 'cattery near brentwood'. The site is exceptionally easy to use, easy to navigate, stylish (although that's obviously down to personal taste) and does exactly the job a kennels website or cattery website should do; publicise facilities and services and provide a way for visitors to get in touch. It's the perfect type of website for most catteries and kennels. Once set up, you can more or less forget it. If you are interested in getting a website like this, get in touch with us. Our prices are more than affordable and you are guaranteed a professionally-built website that will do you proud, and personal service. For more information click here to read about our website design services, or click below to request a personalised quote.