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Adoptable - UP Pet Rescue and Pet Adoption

One of our 'pet projects', we launched in 2017 as part of an effort to publicise and support the many voluntary organisations in the UK who work in the field of pet rescue and pet welfare. Adoptable aims to offer support to both national and local volunteer or charitable organisations that are involved in cat rescue, dog rescue and general pet welfare. If you visit you'll find a small directory of local pet rescue groups, sortable by region or name, each with a brief description of their aims and what they do, along with contact details to allow visitors to the site who would like to adopt a homeless pet, or who would like to volunteer their services, to get in touch.

Voluntary groups and charities can register without any sort of fee, adding their details to our directory, and they can also can create their own adoption adverts for any pets in their care that need rehoming. Visitors to the site can browse both the organisation directory and also the adoption adverts and, if interested, can get in touch directly through the site. If you'd rather offer a home to one of the many unfortunate cats or dogs that are currently homeless, please visit Adoptable today! It will almost certainly be a more rewarding experience than buying a puppy or kitten from a breeder.

That said, Adoptable isn't only for charities and pet welfare groups. If you are in the position of having a pet that you can no longer keep, for whatever reason, and either can't or don't want to take him or her to a rescue centre, you can register on and create your own free adoption advert. We know lots of rescue centres are full to capacity and can't always accept new arrivals, and in many cases prefer to personally vet prospective new owners for their pets. By allowing private pet owners to post adoption adverts, aims to help them too.

Based on WordPress

We built using WordPress because it needed to allow different types of user to register and create their own directory listings or adoption adverts. WordPress allowed us to build all these functions into the site as automated processes. Still in its early days, Adoptable is still building up visitor numbers. Once the site has 'settled down' and starts to get traffic, other sections will be added; things like a blog section, image galleries and so on.

If you're thinking about getting a new cat or dog, why not have a look at your local cat rescue or dog rescue groups? They all have cats and dogs in need of new homes and may already have the perfect pet for you!

Need a website like this?

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